7 Travel Tips For Planning a Europe Trip in Post COVID World

7 Travel Tips For Planning a Europe Trip in Post COVID World

Europe used to be a pleasurable destination for most tourists but that has changed recently all thanks to the pandemic. Just coming out of the lockdown, the traveling, tourism, and transport industry is beginning to pick up. Now you can successfully plan your journey by engaging sites like firebirdtours.com. And wouldn't it be awesome to know that the scheduled travel programs are COVID 19 compliant?

Organizing tours to Europe was fun until Corona-virus happened. Then people began to realize that health and safety matters above anything else. Governments in order to forestall the threat of the plague on the lives of their citizens installed safety measures. Such safety measures included border closures, quarantine measures, and social distancing. Understandably, these helped to curb the spread of the pandemic worldwide and dispel fears.

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Well, you can agree that the Travelling and Tourism Industry is the worst hit due to the pandemic. On the other hand, the pandemic made tourist firms set up applications to facilitate traveling and tourism. To plan and organize a European vacation now does not require a physical presence. Actually it is sufficient and convenient that you log onto a travel agency website, purchase tickets online, and make your reservations. What makes this attractive is the fact that you could plan your itinerary with accurate information about your destination.

So while you are gearing up to hit the road to begin your explorations, one thing is certain. You always have to bear in mind that most EU countries still have some form of COVID 19 policies. Countries like Georgia, Croatia, and Portugal do not require quarantine. But while Austria requires a health certificate Greece insists on a conditional quarantine. However, most European countries are free from Coronavirus.

Ensure that you do not overlook any symptoms or signs of flu or the common cold. Pexels

To begin with, you have to take due diligence to ensure that you are not a carrier of coronavirus. In order to fulfill these you have to take the following measures:

  • Get Tested

Ensure that you do not overlook any symptoms or signs of flu or the common cold. Really, it is common sense that you schedule a test appointment with your doctor if you ever feel blue. Please ensure that you do not hit the road if you have any of these symptoms.

  • Endeavor to Pack your Essentials

At all times have with you, your hand sanitizer, alcohol wipes, gloves, toothpicks, and any other material. All these are useful in combating and preventing the spread of coronavirus. Therefore at some point in your journey, you may find these handy.

  • Get a Medical History Certificate

Suffice to say that no one desires to be ill on a journey, yet you have to be prepared. And you can't be overly prepared without a medical history certificate. Having this certificate explains your medical condition when undergoing medical consultations with the doctor.

  • You will need a Travel History Certificate

This certificate will enable the officials of these EU countries, the itinerary of these tourists. To ascertain whether or not you are a carrier especially if you are coming from a Coronavirus prone region of the world.

Do maintain all the possible safety measures such as wearing mask, maintaining social distancing, etc. Pexels

  • Always Remember to Maintain Safety Measures

It wouldn't hurt to keep your face mask on in seemingly crowded areas. It wouldn't hurt also to maintain the two meters of social distancing. And at the risk of overemphasizing these safety measures, don't forget to sanitize your hands!

Going forward, tours to Europe may be organized by road (rail or bus) or by air. Using public transport or a public area requires that you follow a few guidelines outlined below.

  • Buy your tickets and make your reservations online.

Travelers are always advised to make ticket purchases and reservations online. This is to dispense with a physical presence and curtail the spread of Coronavirus

  • Ensure your obey safety regulations in a public place

Social distancing and wearing of face masks cannot be overstated here. Again wherever you are, try to obey the terminal's safety regulations.


Most EU countries are safe from the scourge of coronavirus. But in order not to be careless with one's health, you are required to always be responsible. This is certainly the best way to kick start your European getaway in the post COVID world !


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