5 Simple Things to Improve Your Life and Your Bank Account

5 Simple Things to Improve Your Life and Your Bank Account

We're always searching for ways to boost our wealth, improve our health, and increase our standing among our peers, but often, the best ways to do this are hidden in plain sight. Simple changes and habits can make a huge difference in both your life and your wallet, and we're going to take a closer look at five of them today.

Anyone can do these five simple things in just one month. They don't involve any special skills or training; just good old-fashioned willpower and discipline. Let's begin!

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1. Stop Smoking For Good

Let's be honest here; smoking is hands-down one of the most dangerous habits you can fall into, and ditching it for good might just be the best decision you ever make. If you want to go into 2021 looking better, feeling better, and improving your health, self-esteem, and financial standing, it's time to quit smoking.

Cigarettes do nothing but poison the body, and the worst part is, you're actively paying to do so. You're basically going to the store to buy yourself some cancer or lung disease. How's that for a healthy, wealthy life? The dangers of cigarettes are well-known and well-documented, so there's no need to cover them here; what isn't well-known is that there are so many cessation resources available.

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You can opt for tobaccoless products like Black Buffalo, join an online support group, go to personal therapy, use nicotine gum or patches, or even ask your doctor about nicotine replacement therapy. There are so many options available, and you'll save around $3,000 per year when you finally quit. That's motivation enough!

2. Quit Eating Fast Food

Yes, you. I love a good Big Mac as much as the next guy, but there's a serious problem with fast food: it's dangerous. You've heard it before. Fast food has been linked to heart disease, obesity, and a plethora of other health problems, but at the end of the day, it's not the food that's to blame. We're actively choosing to put this sub-quality food into our bodies and drain our wallets to do so.

Did you know that Americans spend about $100 or more per month on takeout? That's on the conservative side of things, make no mistake. Americans love fast food. It's delicious, quick, and saves the mess in the kitchen. For a few dollars more than a home-cooked meal, you can have a hot and ready meal in your hands in less than 10 minutes.

You can add just a few dollars per month to a retirement or savings account. You don't need to spend thousands all at once to make a worthwhile investment. Unsplash

Fast food and takeout usually come down to ingredients. A typical McDonald's Big Mac contains around 550 calories just for the sandwich. That doesn't include the typical soft drink and french fry combo, which can boost you to about 1,200 calories or more. That's more than half of what a typical adult should consume in one day (the average is about 2,000 calories for adult males).

Ditching the fast-food will shed weight off of your waist, improve your overall health, and put precious funds back into your wallet. Any questions?

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3. Make An Investment

An investment doesn't have to be stocks and bonds. You can invest in your future via education or specialized training, make an investment in a rental property, add to your savings or retirement account, or even start a business.

There's a common misconception that you need thousands of dollars to invest. You can start a business with less than $100 in your pocket! You can enter a higher education program on student loans without having to pay anything upfront. You can add just a few dollars per month to a retirement or savings account. You don't need to spend thousands all at once to make a worthwhile investment.

4. Pay Off A Debt

Debt. We're surrounded by it. Many of us are buried in it. Some of us are nearly on the verge of bankruptcy because of it. Debt is a monster that, if left unattended, can grow into a life-altering problem that can limit your opportunities and cripple your financial security. What can you do this month? Start paying down your debt.

Being debt-free is an amazing feeling. You're not under anyone's thumb any longer, and you don't have to worry about meeting minimum payments to avoid fees. Start with smaller debts and work your way up. If you can only pay a small amount each month, it's better than nothing.

5. Get Rid Of Your Cable TV

Before you gasp in disbelief, hear me out. Getting rid of your old school cable plan might just be the best thing you do this month for your wallet and your health. If you're someone who spends a lot of time on the couch, you're idling your way into an early grave. There's certainly nothing wrong with watching TV, but why pay for hundreds of channels when you only watch a few different shows/movies?

Streaming services are cheaper, don't require contracts, and often have more options than traditional cable TV. Think about it; do you really use your cable TV enough to justify the $150 bill each month?

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