A Home Away From Home: A Guide To Your Solo Trip To Switzerland

A Home Away From Home: A Guide To Your Solo Trip To Switzerland

Traveling alone can be the most therapeutic form of self-indulgence! By traveling alone, one can engage with their new surroundings unfiltered by the prejudices, tastes, or preferences of a traveling companion and connect with the soul of the place by hanging out with the locals

Switzerland is a solo traveler's haven, one of the safest and easiest places to navigate, – the sheer variety of things to see and do ensures that your solo trip is a memorable one, especially if it's your first!

Here are some of the activities we recommend you should add to your itinerary!

Not just a place to stay, but to experience:

Switzerland has a number of reasonably priced youth hostels around the country that are clean, safe, centrally located, and with a choice of a single room, a double room, and bunk beds with central kitchens and lobbies and lounges – perfect if you're looking to meet other travelers.

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Other than hostels, travelers can choose to stay in single rooms available at lower rates than double rooms, in most hotels- whether budget, mid-priced, or luxury.

The ultimate travel partner- The Swiss Travel Pass:

When traveling solo, a Swiss Travel Pass is a boon! Swiss Travel System makes traveling alone in Switzerland trouble-free with their efficient network of public transport- from the high-speed and famously punctual trains to buses, boats, and trams. The Swiss Travel pass offers exciting discounts on most mountain excursions and gives you free entry to almost 400 museums!

A part of the country's heritage and history, Switzerland's panoramic train routes are among the most beautiful rail routes in the world. To experience Switzerland's majestic mountain scenery, idyllic valleys, and villages; along crystal-clear lakes and ice-blue glaciers- a journey on The Glacier Express, or The Bernina Express is highly recommended!

Adventure Escapades:

With the stunning landscapes and action-packed activities, Switzerland will surely unravel the hidden adrenaline junkie in you! Whether you choose to jet ski over crystal blue waters, dive from the sky into lush green valleys, or ski down steep terrains of the snow-capped Alps, there's an adventure to suit every person when in Switzerland. We recommend trying mountain biking or e-biking or sliding down the fastest Toboggan Run in Pilatus.

Emerald green valleys, shimmering blue lakes. Pixabay

The best part? Your daring escapades aren't limited to just one season. Whether you plan your trip in the summer, autumn or winter, Switzerland will always welcome you with towering alpine peaks, emerald green valleys, and shimmering blue lakes!

Gastronomic Adventures:

In Switzerland- cheese and chocolate will be your go-to choice of food. But Switzerland's local cuisine has the influence of 3 different cultures- German, French, and Italian, so whether you are a meat-lover or vegan, you will never run out of options to eat!

If you are on a budget, many restaurants offer a "meal of the day" which includes a salad/soup, a choice of 2 or 3 main courses, and a dessert. Many mountain excursions offer a 'picnic' option where you can carry your meal. Another must-try when traveling to the country is Swiss Wine; one of the country's best-kept secrets is that almost all regions in Switzerland produce their own wines.

The Viognier, Pinot Gris, and Chardonnay from the Lake Geneva region and Merlot Bianco from Ticino are particularly well known. However, if you consider yourself a wine connoisseur a trip to the Lavaux vineyards is a must!

In Switzerland, you can never go wrong with having chocolate dishes. Pinterest

When you are done trying the rich wines and scrumptious Swiss Delicacies and are craving a taste of home you can try one of the many amazing Indian restaurants in the country.

Swiss Cities- the fusion of old with the new!

Swiss cities are a true wonder! Surrounded by the spectacular scenery that dominates Switzerland's landscape, the cities embody the quality of life, urban flair and are perfect to base yourself to explore when traveling independently.

Zurich is a perfect example of Swiss cities, which are a blend of the old and new! While the old town will show you the rich history, the newer parts will cater to your young spirit with the best of Zurich nightlife with trendy bars and clubs. Any cosmopolitan swiss city such as Zurich or Geneva will fill your calendar with festivals, fireworks, and alfresco fun, where you can meet different people and make connections for life!

And the best thing is that a 10-minute train ride can take you into the countryside, so compact is even the biggest of cities in Switzerland.

Idyllic countryside landscape:

The picturesque villages of Switzerland have made for some of the most gorgeous backdrops of our Bollywood movies! Tucked in the lap of the Alps and surrounding valleys, these villages offer you a chance to unwind or pair up with other tourists and experience local life and culture!

In addition to being a paradise for hikers in summer and skiers in the winter, every village offers a multitude of attractions and mountain excursions throughout the year!

Rewarding mountain excursions:

The snow-covered peaks with panoramic viewpoints, thousands of hiking trails, and many other alpine highlights make Switzerland an established destination for different mountain excursions. The journey to the mountaintops is either onboard a cogwheel train, a cable car, or the world's steepest funicular, is a unique experience in itself.

When in Switzerland, you have to try the golden round trip to Lucerne's home mountain Mt. Pilatus or experience the world's first revolving cable car – Titlis Rotair while heading up Mt. Titlis! A fun visit to the snow park at Jungfraujoch – Top of Europe or discovering the Glacier palace at Matterhorn Glacier Paradise will also make your day eventful! (IANS)

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