The Aftermath Of West Bengal Assembly Elections

The Aftermath Of West Bengal Assembly Elections


The sweeping win of Mamata Banerjee's Trinamool Congress (TMC) against Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) has been replaced by reports of party-versus-party violence in West Bengal within 24 hours of remaining in the headlines. Against the BJP's 77 seats, the TMC secured 213 seats. Both parties blamed the other for the unrest, which allegedly resulted in the horrific killing of several people, as well as the looting and burning of political workers' homes and shops.

At least 12 people have been killed, including one in Kolkata, the state capital as per the police. Videos of women being manhandled surfaced on the internet soon after the results were declared. The police, however, refuted the allegations of women in Nano or, Birbhum being raped and molested. The events were mostly blamed on the Trinamool Congress, according to most sources. The TMC, on the other hand, has said that BJP members have attacked and killed its workers in some cases.

In the wake of post-poll unrest, Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee convened a meeting with the Chief Secretary, Home Secretary, DGP, and Kolkata CP on Tuesday. The situation remains tense as BJP national president JP Nadda visits the state for a two-day visit and meets with alleged violence victims. While the TMC supremo takes her third consecutive oath as West Bengal chief minister, the BJP has declared a nationwide protest against widespread violence.

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Following the riots, Congress West Bengal in-charge, Jitin Prasada said on Tuesday that Trinamool Congress workers assaulted his party's cadres, including women and children.

In a separate tweet, the Bengal governor claimed that PM Modi spoke with him and shared his deep concern about the state's law and order situation.

Trinamool Congress (TMC) MP Mahua Moitra, on the other hand, shared some fact-checked reports, denied all TMC allegations of abuse, and asked the BJP to stop spreading false information.

In the matter, the National Human Rights Commission also formed an internal fact-finding team to look into the alleged post-election violence in West Bengal on Monday. The NHRC said it was a "fit case of an alleged violation of innocent citizens' right to life" and asked its DIG (Investigation) to form a team of officers to conduct an on-the-spot investigation. The team was instructed to send its report as soon as possible, ideally within two weeks.

Alongside, Twitter has been flooding with hashtags demanding Presidential rule in West Bengal. Few other hashtags like #BengalViolance and #BengalBurning surfaced on the internet as well.

In the midst of a pandemic, hateful and violent politics have brought our country to a standstill, dividing us along ideological, religious, and political lines. Some cheered because the BJP lost, while others cheered because the TMC lost the Nandigram seat. Our joy was fuelled by our disdain for a political party. So who was the loser?

We, the people of India, are on the losing end. Some are attempting to portray this vendetta politics as a communal problem by claiming that Hindus are dying. Who, do we believe, stands to gain from the loss of lives, property, and dignity? It's not the country, for sure. Those who promote hatred and terror, whether it's our Supreme Leader or a didi, are all the same in the eyes of the public. As humans, let us strive to build a country where life is valued above religion, politics, caste, or gender.

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