BuilderBot builds virtual world with voice commands

BuilderBot builds virtual world with voice commands

Amid the metaverse buzz, Meta CEO Mark Zuckerberg has demonstrated a new artificial intelligence (AI) system that can help people build virtual worlds with just voice commands.

Called "BuilderBot," the tool is as an "exploratory concept" that shows AI's potential for creating new worlds in the metaverse, Zuckerberg said in a video late on Wednesday. He tells the bot, "let's go to a park." The bot then creates a 3D landscape of a park with green grass and trees. Zuckerberg then says, "actually, let's go to the beach," and the tool replaces the virtual park with a new one with sand and water. He then points to a specific area of the water and says "let's add an island over there," and then the bot creates one.

The 'BuilderBot' uses voice commands to create 3D environments and placing them onto the landscape. "As we build for the metaverse, we'll continue to break ground in areas like self-supervised learning and building the world's most powerful AI supercomputer to drive the future of AI research breakthroughs," Meta said in a statement. A new tool fueling creativity in the metaverse — 'BuilderBot enables people to generate or import things into a virtual world just by using voice commands, the company added.

Meta is also working on Universal Speech Translator, an AI system that provides instantaneous speech-to-speech translation across all languages, even those that are mostly spoken. "Project CAIRaoke is a new approach to AI that powers chatbots and assistants. With this technology, people could one day have more fluid conversations with their virtual assistants," Meta added. (IANS/MD)

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