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How To Get The Most Out Of Casinos

Before registering on a new casino, find the fine print about the bonuses to make sure that the casino of choice offers are ok


The gambling industry is huge around the world, also in India. Even though it is not legal in most states to run casinos there are no rules against gambling on casinos overseas. And there are many, very generous bonuses and campaigns that they offer their gamblers. But are they all that generous?

Free spins

First – free spins are only for you who enjoy playing slots, they can´t be used at the casino tables. It is difficult to find a casino that does not offer new gamblers free spins at their first deposit. And that is in fact a generous offer, it increases the chances to win money a lot.

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Look out for the turnover

But there is almost always a turnover requirement attached. That means that you after you have played for your deposit will need to turn the bonus over a couple of times, often as much as 35 times. If you win before you have met the requirements you cannot take out your win, which means that the chance to win is reduced.

Good for those who want to play a lot of slot for little money

Before registering on a new casino, find the fine print about the bonuses to make sure that the casino of choice offers are ok in measure of others. Receiving free spins is a good way to prolong the time that your deposit will entertain you, but make sure that you do not fall into a loop where you can´t take out your wins for a long time. Follow this link to see the online casino India guide on Gambling times here you can see all the different bonuses that are offered.

Of casinos
Win before you have met the requirements you cannot take out your winnings. Pixabay

Deposit bonus

With this bonus, you get up to 100% on your deposit up to a certain limit. It means that if you deposit 100 USD you´ll get another extra 100 USD to gamble with. This bonus often comes with the same kind of requirement of turnover before a win can be withdrawn.

This bonus suits those who really enjoy card and dice games like Teen Patti and Baccarat, as well as slots. Find the best casinos in this guide to online casinos with live gambling.

No deposit bonus

This is a rare and good bonus, it is designed to attract new players to the casino and means take you are given money to play with without spending any of your own. But this bonus is also often attached to a turnover claim that means it is quite unlikely that you have any money left when you have met the requirements. But, hey it was not your money to start with and hopefully, you had a good time.

Cash Back

As a bonus, this one is meant to reduce your loss. All that you have gambled for during a period of an hour, a day, or a week without winning is being paid back in whole or a part of it.

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This is a bonus that suits those who will gamble anyway and can afford to lose some, as you must spend it to get some back. It is rare that there the whole loss is paid back.

Have fun

Casinos are not made in a way that you are supposed to make money on them. You are supposed to lose, but some are lucky and do win a lot. But that is rare so make sure that you treat casinos as a hobby and that you can lose the money that you are spending. (IANS)



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