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Indian Firms Are Still Far From Digital Empathy

Nearly 71 percent of executives surveyed in India agreed to their customers benefiting from great digital experiences

As more and more Indians adopt a digital way of life most organizations are still a long way from authentically displaying “digital empathy” and deliver better customer experiences, a new report has stressed. Just over a third (37 percent) of Indian executives have significant insights into customer mindset.

“Drivers of purchase, friction points, and attribution of how marketing actions relate to customer behavior fare only marginally better,” according to Adobe’s ‘2021 Digital Trends Report’. Interestingly, Indian executives are most likely to agree to have significant insight into drivers of loyalty (46 percent), journeys of new customers (44 percent), and attribution of how marketing actions related to customer behavior (40 percent).

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“Truly committing to customer experience as a growth lever will mean going beyond response and conversion rates, and instead of digging into the motivations, frustrations and thinking of customers throughout the customer journey”, said Nitin Singhal, Head, Digital Experience Business, Adobe India.

Digital empathy
26 percent of Indian firms in India are using a cloud-based platform. Pixabay

Even as things start to normalize in 2021, there is a continual need for organizations to move away from siloed work cultures and tide over the market pressures through rapid innovation and product pivots. According to the research, executives in India (34 percent) reported their organizations as dynamic, collaborative, and flexible amid the market changes, where their work environments were restricted by traditional hierarchies.

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Nearly 71 percent of executives surveyed in India agreed to their customers benefiting from great digital experiences. “There’s no doubt that business agility and digital maturity will continue to be a differentiator for businesses, even as we move towards a post-Covid economy,” Singhal said. The research also found that 26 percent of those surveyed in India are using a cloud-based platform along with other marketing data management systems, confirming a hybrid approach being adopted by many organizations.

“With accelerated digital adoption brought on by the pandemic, new technologies and effective data management tools are necessary for delivering enhanced customer experiences,” said Dharmarajan K, Chief Product, and Customer Experience Officer, Tata CLiQ. (IANS/SP)



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