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India’s Heaviest Baby weighing 15 Pounds (6.8kgs) is born in Karnataka

Doctors have sent the samples for a test called an inborn of metabolism, to know why the baby is so heavy and tall.

  • According to BBC, a female Baby with Birth Weight of 6.8 Kg or 15 Pounds
  • Born on May 23, 2016 in Hassan, Karnataka
  • Likely to be the heaviest newborn in India

KARNATAKA, India- A baby girl was born weighing 15lb (6.8kg) to a woman in Karnataka and doctors feel that it could possibly be the heaviest child ever born in the country. While new-born babies weigh normally 2.5-3.5kg, this infant weighs the same as a six-month old.

This infant weighs the same as a six-month-old in a country where new-born babies normally weigh 2.5-3.5kg in India. Nandini (20), the yet-to-be named child’s mother, gave birth to her through a Caesarean section at a government hospital in Hassan, Karnataka on Monday.

Tests are conducted by doctors to find out the reason of the baby being so heavy. Dr Venkatesh R, district health official in Hassan district told a news portal, “It is the biggest baby in India, I can say.”

What surprised the doctors even more that the baby is not just heavy but also very tall. “The baby’s height is 62cm (24.4in) as against the normal Indian baby’s height of 50cm,” said Dr SR Kumar, who is in charge of Nandini and her baby.

the baby girl was born through Caesarean section in a government hospital in Karnataka. Image source: Prakash Hassan, BBC
the baby girl was born through Caesarean section in a government hospital in Karnataka. Image source: Prakash Hassan, BBC

Since an overweight child born to a diabetic mother is normal, so the first test was done on Nandini to check whether she was diabetic or not. The doctors were surprised when reports came normal. “We have done an ultrasound and conducted blood tests on Nandini, but we didn’t find any abnormality,” Dr Kumar said.

“We have sent the samples for a test called an inborn error of metabolism. We should get the result after 48 hours,” he further added.

This yet-to-be named baby girl breaks the record for the heaviest Indian baby boy who was born to Firdous Khatun of Uttar Pradesh, last year in November, 2015. The infant weighed 14.77lb (6.7kg).

But, for the world record, the heaviest baby was born a boy to Carmelina Fedele in Aversa, Italy, in September 1955. The child weighed 22lb 8oz (10.2 kg).




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