Popular Rock Band ‘Coldplay’ launches a Global Film Project for Fans, asks them to record a video of their song “Amazing Day”

Coldplay requests fans to participate in a global film project for a music video for their 2015 track "Amazing Day"

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London, Nov 20, 2016: The globally adored rock band, Coldplay made its Indian debut on Saturday, 19th November 2016 in Mumbai. With its debut, the band launched a global film project for their fans. The band asked the fans to record their world for their 2015 track called “Amazing Day”.

Coldplay’s official website say: ” Wherever you are, whatever you are doing, please take a moment on Saturday to make a short video showing us your world. The video should be around 20 seconds long and filmed in portrait aspect. Please don’t use filters on your video. Your video is welcome to have sound, but it would also be good if your clip still makes sense if watched without audio or dialogue, mentioned PTI.

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“Your amazing day might be as simple as being with your best friends or the view from your bedroom window. Or, do you have a unique talent or a special moment you’d like to show the world? Use your imagination … Once you’ve made your video, upload it to your Instagram account, using the hashtag #ColdplayAmazingDay, and tagging your location.”

The video link has to be submitted using a form at amazingday.coldplay.com.

-prepared by Shivam Thaker of NewsGram. Twitter: @Shivam_Thaker


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