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They will also point out areas that need improvement to raise the value of your property.

By- Jacob

Selling a house can be a challenging process, especially if it is your first time. If you are planning to sell your house, you need to get acquainted with the property market first. In addition, do your research on what the rates are for properties within your area.

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Mid-segment had the highest share at 39 per cent while the premium housing segment had a 25 per cent share.

The second wave of Covid-19 has impacted the share of affordable housing in the overall residential supply, according to Anarock Property Consultants.

Data from Anarock showed that Covid-19 has reduced affordable housing share reduced to 20 per cent to around 7,230 units as of Q2 2021

In the pre-Covid-19 period, the affordable housing supply share dominated the overall supplies. Post-pandemic, its share has dropped dramatically from 40 per cent in 2019 to 30 per cent in 2020 and 20 per cent in Q2 2021.

In the first half of 2021, affordable housing's share of new launches dropped further to around 26 per cent of 98,380 units, launched between January and June. The mid-segment had the highest share at 39 per cent while the premium housing segment had a 25 per cent share.

As per the report by Anarock, abundant new affordable supply was launched in the top seven cities after the government began incentivising this segment post-2014 to back the 'Housing for all by 2022' scheme. Demand for affordable housing remains high, but there is now a pileup of unsold stock across cities.

Covid Home loan eligibility for many affordable housing buyers has been impacted by the pandemic Photo by Unsplash

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Tips and tricks to buy a house smartly. Pixabay

Owning a home is something all of us have dreamt of at some point in time in our lives. At the very outset, the purchase of a house or flat needs money, there are a lot of things we compromise on to gather the money to invest in a home. Here are five things to be mindful of before buying a house in 2021, shared by Anuj Goel, Managing Director, Goel Ganga Developments:

The Builder

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Before you start house hunting don’t forget to set a budget and another budget that is your stretch price so you know, that even when you stretch every last penny this is how much you can afford. Unsplash

It can be overwhelming when you are looking for a new home with the excitement of putting your possessions in it and how your sofa will look. There are several things you need to consider when you are looking around for a house to ensure that there are no nasty surprises.

The foundations

Keep an eye out for cracks or anything that looks unusual in the foundations in the house. You can get a survey completed to look into what the problems are and what the next steps would be which can give you an idea on the costs involved to fix them so you can include it into your budget. Once you find the foundation problems you will need to find a repair company such as to ensure that your house becomes a home. The foundations of your future house is important for a safe and warm home that you can live in for years to come so repairing them as soon as you notice the signs will help this.

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