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Women protesting for passing theWomen’s Reservation Bill.

On 12 September 1996, a speech took place in the Lok Sabha of the Indian parliament, wherein it was introduced that from now on, one-third of seats will be reserved for women in the Lok Sabha and state legislative assemblies. But, when we look at the present scenario of women representation in the Indian parliament, it is evident how the Women's Reservation Bill exists only on paper and is yet to become operational

Even an analysis was done by the PRS Legislative Research, and it showed that less than fifteen percent of the women are a part of the Lok Sabha and state legislative assemblies. Moreover, it is understood that when there is less representation of women in the legislative bodies, then its impact is directly seen on the country's decision making and policy framing.

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Kejriwal explained how 300 units of electricity can be given for free to the people of Uttarakhand.

Free electricity is becoming a winning formula for elections, as per the IANS-CVoter Live Tracker.

Ahead of the 2022 Assembly elections in different states, while AAP leader and Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal has announced to give free electricity in Uttarakhand, Samajwadi Party leader Akhilesh Yadav has promised free electricity in Uttar Pradesh.

As many as 50.29 percent of respondents in the survey said the promise of free electricity is becoming a winning formula for elections while 35.28 percent said no, a party can't win elections just by the promise of free electricity. Also, 50.92 percent said providing free electricity affects the revenue of the states, which affects other essential services that are provided to the public.

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The sample size of the survey is 1,225. CVoter NewsTracker Surveys in India are based on a national representative random probability sample as used in the globally standardized RDD CATI methodology, covering all geographic and demographic segments across all states. This daily live tracker survey is based on interviews of adult (18+) respondents across all socio-economic segments. The data is weighted to the known census profile. The standard margin of error: +/- 3 percent at national trends and +/- 5 percent at regional/zonal trends with a 95 percent confidence level.

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Wikimedia Commons

The Chief Minister of Bihar, Shri Nitish Kumar.

In the cabinet expansion, just one ministry was given to alliance partner Janata Dal-United (JDU). Only Ram Chandra Prasad Singh (RCP Singh) was inducted and given the steel ministry, but Nitish Kumar did not congratulate him publicly on social media.

As per the trend in Indian politics these days, after every development including the birthday of the leader, a flurry of congratulatory messages hit social media like Twitter, Facebook, WhatsApp, Instagram, etc. Nitish Kumar, a day after RCP Singh become a Union minister, has so far not posted any congratulatory message for him on social media.

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Book: The Republic of Hindutva. IANS

The RSS, which has just appointed Dattatreya Hosabale as its new General Secretary, is like the tip of an iceberg, exerting its influence much beyond what is visible, says a new book that traces its 95-year history. Beginning with the choice of Narendra Modi as the forerunner for the 2014 general election up to the campaign for the 2019 polls, RSS cadres have been a formidable force behind the staggering rise of the BJP in national politics.

In “The Republic of Hindutva” (Penguin), social historian and cultural anthropologist Badri Narayan offer an intimate glimpse of how the Sangh and its vast network of educational, cultural, and social outfits have been digging deep roots in the Indian psyche. The Republic of Hindutva refashioning its modes of mobilization as well as assimilating Dalits, OBCs, tribals, and other marginalized communities, the RSS has made the Hindutva metanarrative appealing to a large section of Indians.

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