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Acceptance that these times are different and difficult will be a good starting point for parents. Pixabay

Last year through the country-wide lockdown showed us what disruptions are all about. This second wave that engulfs our country and subsequently forcing many States into lockdown is indicative of how volatile our days have been and will continue to be, and the importance of taking the challenges of parenting, one day at a time.

As homes turn into WFH office spaces, as bedrooms become make-shift classrooms, as devices are shared and used to communicate, learn and work, parenting in Covid-19 times requires a different mindset. I have been saying this from the first lockdown in March 2020, that Pre pandemic efforts were blessed with an ability to shift some responsibility to the school, the classes that children enrolled themselves in, playdates organized. It is essential to have some ‘personal space’ be it for the children or the adults, but in the lockdown world, the ‘chain’ does not really break and the circle is a continuous series of days that at times may lead to frustration for both the adults and the children caught in that ‘bubble’.

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When you begin the process of reflecting, you delve through the tiniest aspects of life that are sometimes overlooked in today's fast-paced world. Pixabay

Human minds have been designed in such a way that our focus often goes towards what we do not have, or on what is not going well and seldom on what is going well, or what we have, and that is how worry and fear creep in.

It could be our health, home as a shelter, jobs, children or relationships, surroundings, access to clean food, or nature; there is so much in everyone’s life to offer a little bit of gratitude for every single day. In fact, gratitude is powerful and said to be one of the quickest ways to feel happier.

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Both women and men might regret what they did the last time an opportunity for casual sex arose. Pixabay

New research has found that a lot of people who regret indulging in a casual one-night stand continue with the same sexual behavior. According to the researchers, including Leif Edward Ottesen Kennair from the Norwegian University of Science and Technology (NTNU), for the most part, people continue with the same sexual behavior and the same level of regret.

For the study, the team investigated over 500 men and women to find whether sexual regret is functional, that is, whether it contributes to any change in behavior.
The participants in the study, published in the journal Evolutionary Psychology, answered a questionnaire about sexual regret two times, at approximately 4-5 month intervals. This approach makes it possible to study changes over shorter periods of time.

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