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The trend of online dating across the world. Pixabay

From the printing press to smartphone applications, people have long sought ways to utilize technology to find love. Therefore, in recent years, attitudes about dating apps and services have shifted from negative to positive. In fact, internet dating is so popular that 53 percent of individuals have gotten on board the bandwagon and made their own accounts, according to As per popular beliefs, it increases the likelihood that a user would like the person they meet on a date (since they can search for people who fit certain criteria), and, according to online dating services, a rising percentage of people are now forming long and meaningful relationships online.

Although online dating might sound like a recent phenomenon, its underlying notion isn’t.

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Evolution of online dating

In the year 1685, the first recorded personal advertisements appear in a British agricultural magazine. Then in 1910, when advertisements were more widely accepted, “lonely warriors” from World War I and ladies connected through personal advertising. Forward to the year 1959, when an IBM 650 detects similarities between 98 respondents based on a 30-question profile, a Stanford undergraduate initiative becomes the first known computer dating service. The punch cards for participants were not particularly romantic, but the kids received good grades.

In the meantime, new technology was gaining momentum. Operation Match, the world’s first computer dating service, was founded in 1965 by a group of Harvard undergrads. Users could fill out questionnaires and obtain a list of possible matches for $3, a technique that many dating services still utilize.

Internet dating is so popular that 53 percent of individuals have gotten onboard. Pixabay

In the 2000s, countless other websites were established for love and friendship. eHarmony struck the scene in 2000. In 2002, Ashley Madison made her debut. In 2003, Skype was published. It was followed in 2004 by OkCupid and Facebook, then by Badoo and Seeking, and in 2006. In the 2007 Mass Market smartphones reached. Skout and other early dating sites arrived with them. Grindr introduced a new generation of dating services focusing on LGBT in 2009.

With Tinder’s introduction, the recent age of internet dating began. For young singles, mobile applications have become the hottest method to meet. In 2012, Hinge started in 2013 and Bumble launched Coffee Meets Bagel in 2014. There followed a rush of specialized applications and the swipe was the ultimate sign of modern-day dating culture.

Popular dating apps around the world

Many may believe that people just use Tinder everywhere. Well, they are someway correct. Tinder has grown in popularity from the US to nearly every area of the world with more than 50 million global users. Tinder is highly popular in India, Israel, Singapore, Australia, North and Western Europe as well as the United States. Tinder is immensely popular in India.

Badoo, which has more than 400 million members, is one of the most common worldwide dating applications. Like Tinder, Badoo was centered on swiping until recently when a new live video feature was released and swipe-based matches were introduced.

Tinder has grown in popularity from the US to nearly every area of the world. Pixabay

Which countries are using these apps the most?

The USA is the most populous country with online dating services (Around 49 million individuals). This translates to a 14.72% penetration rate. The sector also provides the most income in the country, whereas the market volume is anticipated to reach 674 million dollars in 2021. For some Americans, these platforms have contributed to the establishment of significant links: 12 percent report that they are married or committed to someone they initially met via a dating website or app. All in all, about one quarter (23%) of Americans claim they’ve ever met someone using a dating site or app.

The US is the obvious market leader, but in European nations like Spain (12,83% penetration rate) or France, online dating is also extremely popular (10.18 percent ). Although population use in India and China was lower (2.74% and 5.63%), the sheer magnitude of the population of the nations means that earnings considerably exceed those produced by Europe.

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The current study shows that internet dating is more popular among specific demographics – especially younger individuals and lesbian, gay, and bisexual identifiers (LGB). Approximately half or more aged 18 to 29 (55%) and LGB adults (55%) have ever used a dating website or app and approximately 20% in each group indicate that they have married or have been committed to someone they have met on these platforms for the first time. Badoo is used in nearly every country, although it is most common in southern and Eastern Europe, South America, and portions of Southeast Asia.

Despite the fact that we utilize a number of foreign dating apps, one thing is certain: swiping our way to love is a universal pastime. With growing advancements in the field, don’t give up on finding your one true love because technology has your back on this one.

(Disclaimer: The article is sponsored and hence promotes some commercial links.)



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