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Use These 8 Great Apps to Share Your Location with Friends and Family

Experts do recommend using the spy phone app as it provides the best and valuable features

By Anil Kumar

When you plan to have a house party or invite friends to your home for the first time, you must help them find your location. You will have to keep tabs on where they have reached and guide them personally if you do not share your location. Rather than asking again and again about their location, make the best use of technology. Here are some apps that will help you in sharing your location with your friends and family:

  1. Spy Phone App: Spy Phone is an App available on both android and iOS phones. The free version allows you to install it on five phones where the data is available 24/7. It has GPS to keep track of the location. It helps you keep a watch on your loved ones to ensure their safety. It also has multiple features like viewing the contacts of who your children might be conversing with. There are other essential features like Panic Button and the Lost Phone feature. It can be downloaded only when you get permission from the owner’s phone as well. The app is easy to install and use. 

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2. Find My Family, Friends, Phone: Available on both Android and iOS. This app lets you create your groups to view real-time locations on private maps. These groups are known as circles; you’ll get a notification when any member reaches a location or leaves the same. It has another feature that lets you find your phone if you misplace it. The app isn’t free and works based on the subscription bought. It helps to reduce any tension one might feel when their friends and family travel as they can now track their location with this app’s help. 

3. Glympse: An entirely free app for both android and iOS, Glympse helps your share your location within seconds with anyone you wish to share it with through an icon available on the map. It also has a feature where you can make groups for occasions and also request a Glympse update. It is also possible to access Glympse from the web while still staying clear of strangers. The app has gained popularity due to its flexibility, allowing you to work for multiple occasions like meetings and social gatherings. 

4. Find My Friends: It is an easy-to-use app where you can track your friends’ location at any time and vice versa. The tracking is done through a map-based interface, and it also allows you to chat with your friends while they’re on their way. You can also receive directions to know their exact whereabouts. The app also comes with a safety feature that allows you to alert your friends and family if you need help. You can also know their current battery life. Find my friends works on Android, iOS, and even blackberry phones.

share your location
This app helps you stay updated with your family’s safety. Pixabay

5. Life 360: This app helps you stay updated with your family’s safety. It helps people check in with one another online. It automatically gives you a notification when someone reaches or leaves a destination, so you don’t have to refresh the app continuously. You can make groups and later individually share the data. Available on Android and iOS, Life 360 is initially free and an easy-to-use app. 

6. Google Maps: It has an inbuilt feature that helps you share your location both on the web and through the app. You can share locations for a limited period as well as indefinitely based on your requirements. You can also navigate your contacts’ location. Individual shortcuts can also be made for specific contacts. However, permission from the contact is required to access their location. It also shows the battery percentage of the device being shared. Google Maps is available on most platforms. 

7. Spotline: It is a simple app where you can add contacts to share your location with and request the same from them. It helps you with showing directions to the contacts’ address and is an accurate location detector. The free version lets you share location to up to 3 contacts, view the location history and the directions. You can further buy the premium to add more members.

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8. Family Locator: The perfect solution to your concerns regarding your family’s safety and security. It helps you keep an eye on your kids through location sharing. You will also receive notifications when they arrive at or leave a destination. You can also establish zones and get notifications regarding the same. Private groups can be created, and phones can be tracked in case they’re lost or stolen. Available on both Android and iOS, Family Locator is a great app to track the location. 

These are some of the best apps to share location with your friends and families. You can check this out by installing any app that you prefer to download. Experts do recommend using the spy phone app as it provides the best and valuable features.

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