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Indin Institute of Technology, Madras

By- Collegedunia

IIT Madras is India's one of the most reputed and liked Institute of the year 2021 among the students. In recent years, IIT Madras has gained first rank in the list of NIRF Engineering colleges with the highest 89.93 Percentage scores. IIT Madras is a dream of many engineering students wanting to pursue their higher studies in engineering. IIT Madras offers Undergraduate, Postgraduate programmes in the field of Engineering, Technology and pure sciences with 16 academic departments and many research centres. One can get an admission into IIT Madras either by JEE Advanced Examination for BTech courses and GATE Examination for the M.Tech and PhD Programmes. But one must have a rank within 100 in the examination. IIT Madras enrolls approximately 8000 students every year in the various Undergraduate and Postgraduate programs.

As we know that IIT Madras is one of the leading institutes of India. So, it is ranked by many well known educational platforms on the basis of it's excellence and performance compared to other Engineering institutes.

●Ranked 1st in all engineering Institutes by NIRF Rankings 2021

●Ranked 255th in a QS Global world rankings 2022

●Ranked 50th Position by QS Asia rankings

●Ranked 1st Engineering Institute by Outlook rankings in 2019

●Ranked 2nd at International level by ARWU in 2019

●Ranked 1st in an engineering field by Jagran Josh rankings 2019

●Ranked 4th at International level by QS ranking 2020

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IIT Madras: M.Tech Programme

Many students have a dream to do an M.Tech programme from the IIT Madras which offers various M.Tech programmes in the various fields like Applied mechanics, Aerospace engineering, Computer science and Engineering.

Students can get an admission into M.Tech programmes through their GATE scores. And if a student is already an IITian having a CGPA of 8.0 and above throughout their graduation programme then one can directly apply for this without GATE scores.

IIT Madras: Ph.D. Programme

IIT Madras offers a Ph.d programme into the four fields only, Engineering, Humanities, Management and Science. But students who are willing to take an admission into IIT Madras must have a Master's degree in one of these domains with an aggregate 60 percentile and valid GATE scores.

IIT Madras: Placements

Being one of the leading engineering institutes, IIT Madras has a very high profiled placement record with the best recruiters and effective salary packages. The students were assisted by the career and placement cell, IIT before going for the placements in such a way that they can feel confident and give better performance and achieve something. If we talk about the previous year computer science placements then, An M.Tech student got a salary package of 88.82 Lakhs per Annum from a very reputed IT company. And that was the highest offered package of previous year placements to any student.

Faculty of IIT Madras is one of the reasons to be willing to get an admission into IIT Madras. Because It has highly qualified professionals with a good amount of experience.

IIT Madras Faculties

Faculty of IIT Madras is one of the reasons to be willing to get an admission into IIT Madras. Because It has highly qualified professionals with a good amount of experience. IIT Madras has a total of 630 members in their educational department. An interesting thing is that all are Ph.d degree holders in their respective fields. They all encourage the students to clarify all the doubts in their academics as well as their career related doubts.

IIT Madras Facilities

IIT Madras provides all the required facilities to their students like Food facilities, Hostel facilities, Sports, Gym, Medical facilities, Library as well as Campus facilities.

●Campus: IIT Madras has a wide campus full of greenery and fresh air. It adds some extra features to the IIT Madras college life. Students feel good all the time because of greenery all around.

●Sports: IIT Madras has various playgrounds for various games with the standard measurements. It has a cricket ground named IIT-Chemplast, has a volleyball ground, swimming pool, gymnasium and also has a student activity centre for various types of programmes.

●Hostel: For any student, hostel life performs an important part during their studies. IIT Madras has both the hostels for girls as well as for boys. Which includes common rooms, TV, Mess, Indoor games, music rooms, dance rooms, etc.

●Medical Facilities: IIT Madras has their own hospital which is situated in their campus for the emergency. So, It provides medical facilities 24*7.

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IIT Madras: Admission Eligibility

We know that IIT Madras offers various programmes in different fields. The table shows the admission eligibility criteria into the IIT Madras for various programmes.




10+2 with 75% + JEE Advanced


Graduation with 60 % + GATE Scores

B.Tech + M.Tech

10+2 with 75% + JEE Advanced

B.Tech + MBA

10+2 with 75% + JEE Advanced

B.A + M.A



Graduation pass + GATE scores


Post Graduation

As we showed many assets of the IIT Madras and we got to know that it is one of the leading institutes of India for the many programmes. It has good campus facilities with a broad range of campus and greenery around it. Also, provides facilities of good food, proper medical facilities, accommodation and stay facilities for the students with utmost quality. If we talk about educational facets, it has highly educated professionals with good experience and students get placed into various multinational companies with a high salary package. As we know that IIT Madras is situated in South India, students get an idea about the various cultures of India and also have an opportunity to study and work in different cultures to increase the adaptability skills of the students. IIT Madras is overall one of the best institutes in India for higher studies. But one needs to do a lot of hard work to get admission into it since getting an admission into IITs is not easy. Thus, the only option left is: Do hard work and achieve your dreams.

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