Major Contributors to Stress and Effective Strategies to Overcome Them

Major Contributors to Stress and Effective Strategies to Overcome Them

You've heard people say the phrase "life happens," and it indeed does but the thing about "life happening" is how you handle it. Typically, when this phrase is used, it's used with a negative undertone, meaning, when "life happens," something bad has occurred. Unfortunately, bad things happen, unfortunate things happen, and sometimes those bad things happen because we brought them on ourselves… It's how you handle them that matters.

How you handle these life occurrences is what can be the difference between stressing out and simply taking care of business. Stress is your body's natural reaction to situations or events that cause your body to overreact, whether with physical or emotional tension. Sometimes we can control our stressors and sometimes we can't, and the only reason we can't is because we don't know exactly is causing our stress, or never really paid any attention to the triggers.

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Identifying your stressors is just as important as how you handle them. You actually need to be able to identify your stressors in order to handle them appropriately. Unfortunately, stress is something that no one can escape or dodge, but it is something you can learn to handle in a way that does indeed reduce your stress levels.

But again, lots of people aren't aware of what triggers their stress. So if you're someone who does experience stress but can't put your finger on what exactly is causing your stress, take a look at some of the major contributors to stress and how to overcome those stressors… These might be the very factors causing you stress.

Payment of bills can lead to stress. Unsplash

Biggest and Most Common Causes of Stress


Paying bills is something part of becoming an adult and it's something that can't be avoided. So, because this is something you have to endure as an adult, you might as well find ways to cope and deal with it in a healthy way to reduce your stress levels.

Ultimately, the biggest reason bills bring about stress is because of supply and demand. It's where you don't have a large enough supply of money to meet the demands of your bills. This is common among many hard-working adults. Typically, most people will just get a second job to increase their income. But when you don't have the time to dedicate to another job, or the time, then what do you do?

That's when you take a deep breath and take some time to go over your bills and look for areas where you can eliminate a bill or reduce it. Your rent/mortgage is something that can't be reduced or eliminated, of course, but what about your other bills?

Did you know that you don't have to be stuck with your current electricity provider? Instead of paying for electricity generated by fossil fuels (which pollute the environment), you can compare electric rates from providers that generate electricity from renewable resources. Making this switch will cut your electric bill in half! You can also switch providers of your internet, cell phone, cable, etc.

Bills can indeed stress anyone out but you have to approach your bills with empowerment. You don't have to settle; call around and see what providers can offer you the best rate for the monthly bills you have.

Your job can stress you if you have certain deadlines to meet every week. Unsplash

Your Job

There's not one person that can honestly say that their job doesn't stress them out at one point or another, and that applies to whether you enjoy what you're doing or not. Stress on the job can come in many forms.

Your job can stress you if you have certain deadlines to meet every week, if you're in the medical field and someone's life is under your care, or if you're working in finance and you processed the wrong transaction by mistake. The fact is that your job is your livelihood and you can't just quit because you had a stressful day… You have to learn how to deal with on the job stress because you're going to encounter it no matter what job you work.

One key way to better handle stress at work is to make sure you're getting enough sleep. Studies have shown that a night of shorter sleep leads to stressful events the next day. So make that extra effort to get to bed at a decent time, and then see how your workday improves.

Also, with work stress, it sometimes helps to talk to your manager or coworker about the issues you're having to see if you can't get some kind of extra training or help for you to do your job more efficiently. Nobody will know what you're going through at work if you don't talk to someone about it.

If you've talked to someone about your struggles in your position, and there's no resolution, it may be time for you to find another job, where you can effectively do your job… You don't have to settle for a job that stresses you out.

Personal relationships include romantic relationships as well as family and friends. Unsplash


If being stressed with your finances and your job isn't enough, the last thing you need is stress in your personal relationships. Personal relationships include romantic relationships as well as family and friends. When there's a rift in any of your personal relationships, it can stress you emotionally and physically.

Your body will go through changes like headaches, problems sleeping, suicidal thoughts, and an increase or loss of appetite. These types of reactions can happen with any form of stress but relationship stress can have a major impact on your emotional and mental state.

As a person with feelings, it's not going to be as easy to eliminate this particular stressor because you're dealing with people, but it helps to talk to the individuals who are causing you stress. If talking doesn't work, you may have to cut them off altogether.

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