Spilling the NFT – does Floki Inu or HUH offer the best rewards to holders?

Spilling the NFT – does Floki Inu or HUH offer the best rewards to holders?

As more and more crypto begin to emerge, investors are faced with increasingly tough choices about which one they should invest in. After all, the nightmare is investing in one that plummets when your other option is turning its investors into crypto millionaires.

If you enjoy taking a risk, a solid option is investing in utility tokens – these are digital currencies that are issued to fund its development which later grants investors access to its products or services. Because it's a startup, utility tokens are often accompanied by hype and scrutiny. Ultimately, these qualities make acquisition of utility tokens pretty much touch-and-go. The good thing about high-risk investments is that makers must draw in the investors, which they usually do so via rewards that could eventually be worth gold in the long run. In this article of the Spilling the NFT series, we'll be comparing the rewards offered by 2 tokens that have been surrounded by a lot of buzz – Floki Inu and HUH Token.

Holders of Floki Inu tokens are incentivized to hold, as with HUH. On the BSC and ETH blockchains, 4% rewards are granted to Floki Inu holders anytime someone swaps tokens on a crypto market. The reward percentages are not set in stone and may change in the future based on whether upgrades are made.

The Floki Inu token has also been labelled 'hyper-deflationary', which means that as the burn wallet grows in size, the reflationary rewards for Floki Inu holders grow as well. A decline in the circulating supply will also boost demand for Floki Inu and its price as time goes on.

HUH Token implements a referral reward system, in which holders earn rewards upon referring people, which the White Paper describes as one of HUH's core components. A 10% referral fee is taken from the first buy transaction completed by the referee and delivered to the 'Reward Distributor' as a referral reward. These are held by the Reward Distributor with the possibility to be redeemed at any time. HUH holders have been actively utilizing Telegram to share their referral codes to new investors.

The Reward Distributor has 4 different features that HUH holders can benefit from. First and foremost, they can claim rewards in BNB and sends it to a wallet of their choice. Additionally, HUH holders get to pick whether they want their rewards in USDT, BUSD, MATIC or ETH. The last feature enables HUH holders to gift their rewards to another user.

Once a wallet has been referred, the 'sell fee' is decreased from 20% to 10%. The HUH White Paper explain that it allows early adopters to be rewarded for onboarding more HUH holders. Furthermore, it serves to lay out the groundwork for the MetHUH, a social platform to-be which is currently being developed by the HUH team.

Although Floki Inu offers impressive rewards and has a strong track record in the crypto sector, HUH Token undoubtedly takes the lead when it comes to attracting investors with its appealing rewards. HUH aren't planning on slowing down with the charitability either, and have hinted at several interesting developments, such as sentiment tokens, that will be made available to HUH holders soon.

Learn more about HUH Token here:

HUH Official Swap- https://swap.huh.social/

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