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For more information about zodiac signs, contact an online psychic today.
For more information about zodiac signs, contact an online psychic today.

By Sana Faisal

What Does the Conjunction of Mercury and Pluto Mean?

Mercury conjuncts with Pluto on Saturday, January 29, and Friday, February 11, 2022. This year, Venus and Mercury will be easing out of retrograde just as Mercury and Pluto conjunct, creating wild energies. As the retrogrades flip back to direct motion, unique opportunities will arise. Find out how the conjunction of Mercury and Pluto affects the zodiac signs.

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Focus on the Transference of Energy

The conjunction of Mercury and Pluto signals a crossing of energies from both planetary houses. Mercury rules communication and intellect and conjuncts with Pluto that oversees power and control. Communication energy is prioritized, and finances are more easily controlled when the two planets conjunct. A life path psychic will tell you that the two combine for a person born during Mercury-Pluto conjunction is exponentially gifted at gab and able to wield control of many simply by speaking.

Mercury and Gemini and Virgo

The astrological meaning of the planets affects some signs more readily than others. Mercury rules Gemini and Virgo, known for their communicative, persuasive, and social tendencies. Virgos are influential perfectionists and have meticulous attention to detail.

Mercury rules Gemini and Virgo.Pixabay

Pluto and Scorpio

Unlike Mercury, Pluto rules only one sign, Scorpio. Like Virgos, Scorpios are singularly focused on success and seeing the job through to the end they desire. Interestingly, Scorpios also share a similar energy characteristic of Geminis; they are both known for their social, charismatic tendencies.

You May Be Getting a Big Paycheck

As the energy from the conjunction settles in for the direct motion of the planets, the opportunity arises to either follow through on a risky venture or cash out on a significant investment. If an opening for you to buy into a high-risk venture presents itself, do so if you think the reward is worth the risk. If you already have significant investments, now might be the time to evaluate your assets carefully.

Sway the Masses This Year

Making the right move at the right time will be essential for convincing the group of people who will be instrumental in you securing what it is that you want this February and throughout the year. Communication and intellect are at an all-time high during the conjunction of Mercury and Pluto, so use this time to show your powers of persuasion on a crucial argument or negotiation. Accurate psychic readings online will help you narrow down whether this opportunity is based on your career, family, or love life.

For more information about zodiac signs, contact an online psychic today.Unsplash

Continue Your Education or Training

If you were considering when to take the next step and continue your education to move to the next tier of your job or complete the next level of training to move up in the company, this is the time. Intellect and rebirth are in alignment for you to start anew on an old path. Build from the foundation you have to grow.

For more information on how the conjunction of Mercury and Pluto affects the zodiac signs, contact an online psychic today.

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